Top 5 ways to dominate your solar market this decade

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Top 5 breakthroughs leading our transition to a digital energy marketplace are positioning solar companies for the Dot Com era of energy

If you're a solar company, you may have noticed a dip in sales over recent years. Whether it's because customers have the tools to make contractors compete for every penny, or because differentiating your brand often comes down to selling someone else's, the fact is, customers are demanding MORE and so is the grid. 

Thanks to the combination of complex rate tariffs and Public Safety Power Shutoffs, there has never been a better time to deliver MORE!


Think of how discouraging this can be for your sales team. They're trying to sell an outdated solution to homeowners who have heard it all before. . So how can you make everyone's job easier and avoid burning them out? What if you could arm your team and your business with a unique and differentiating mechanism? 


One obvious resource that many solar companies don't take advantage of is technology. No matter how you look at it, the fact is that the solar business is the tech business. So it should come as no surprise to see recent breakthroughs in machine learning, sensors, IoT and cloud computing technology, taking the solar industry by storm.

Here are a few examples of tech solutions that some of the most successful solar companies use.

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What Happens when you Combine AI with Battery Storage?

Learn what the leading battery management platforms haven't figured out yet


Solar can seem like a great investment at first, but without battery storage, it can become a huge waste of energy and money. The ability to store power generated in the daytime for nighttime use is a game changer! For solar sales teams, this means a better product and outcome to offer the customer.


Plus, by installing a battery with a solar system, unused solar generation is stored when export values are low and later consumed or exported when grid pricing is high. In some cases, this can be a 7x difference in price! Today, homeowners are excited to have a more efficient way to manage and store their energy. However, for solar installers, selling batteries comes with its own set of challenges. 


Most batteries just aren't very... intelligent. To avoid costly Demand Charges, the leading battery management platforms offer predictive analytics that attempt to predict when peak load events will occur and respond to them by discharging the battery.


The problem with that is:

  • Predicting the future can be risky business

  • Batteries are expensive and have limited life-span, so using them only when needed increases longevity.

  • When selecting between the different predictive analytics platforms, you're gambling on who has a better mousetrap.

  • If an event was accurately predicted, and the battery was discharged as programmed, there may be no juice left to respond to an unpredicted event, resulting in a demand charge.

The good news is that certain solar companies have realized how intelligent load management  technology can be combined with energy storage systems. This has resulted in an entirely new and more reliable way of addressing Demand Charges. 


It all starts with  the Digital Loads Panel (DLP). Loads that were once unmanaged and left to run when and how they wished, can now be controlled. Add some intelligence to that capability and integrate it with a battery system, and brain, you have a solution that will generate more savings and more predictably than ever before. 


With an intelligent DLP integrated with battery storage, homeowners now have access to an evolved energy storage system that sheds flexible loads to ensure the battery is maximized. 

But the benefits of a Digital Loads Panel do not stop with addressing Demand Charges!

Intelligent Digital Load Control - Smart Solar Tech that is Ahead of its Time

A Secret Weapon for Solar Sales Teams

If you're a solar installer and you want to offer your customers better savings, offering battery storage is a step in the right direction. However, thanks to time of us (TOU) tariff structures, homeowners now have the opportunity to save even more money if they can control when they run appliances, by shifting their energy use to off-peak hours of the day, when rates are lower.


How does this amazing DLP feature benefit your customers in TOU markets?

  • It can save them 10% - 40% over and above expected savings from a battery running on a timer alone

  • Enables you to sell a larger battery system and configure it as a whole home backup

  • Alleviates the need for a hardwired critical loads panel and offers unlimited flexibility in prolonged power outages 

  • Improves customer experience

  • Reduces risk of failed economic models due to changing rate tariffs and energy consumer needs

This revolutionary feature is a solar installer’s dream! It addresses the concerns making a solar sale these days ever more challenging. It gives people the sense of certainty they expect from a solar and battery investment and makes selling rewarding and fun again.  


Everyone knows that one of the top growth strategies for solar companies today is to create multiple revenue streams. The ability to manage loads does exactly that in every case. And, solar sales teams can now provide services that benefit the host and the grid, generating additional revenue streams. 

The Easiest Way for Homeowners to Keep the Lights on During a Blackout

How Microgrid technology is Allowing Homeowners to Feel Safe Again

Thanks to public safety power shutoffs that impacted millions of CA residents and communities for days at a time, resiliency is now top of mind and a driving force behind customer interest in battery storage. What makes resilience such an interesting market driver is the need to increase battery size to provide whole home or building backup for prolonged periods of time, and not just a hedge against rate tariffs.


That's where microgrids come in. In order to put homeowners at ease and eliminate the need to rely on the increasingly unstable grid, solar companies can now offer microgrid technology that can operate independently from the grid altogether. Not only can this protect homeowners from grid outages, but it also allows them the opportunity to participate in  their local electrical grid.


Solar installers are excited about this new opportunity to offer their customers true resilience and security in the face of uncertainty and chaos. The real challenge and question for solar installers is how to shift from selling solar to selling real solutions and value in this competitive and rapidly evolving market.

Home Automation - An Effortless Way for Homeowners to Manage their Energy

Why Simple Tech Upgrades will Keep your Customers Coming back for More

People love the idea of upgrading their phones, tablets, and smartwatches in an effort to make life easier and improve efficiency, but surprisingly, even in 2019, only a small percentage of them have ever considered home automation. The good news for solar installers is that most of these people are your customers. When it comes to improving the customer experience, home automation takes the cake. These smart accessories can include:

  • Thermostats

  • Circuits

  • Plugs

  • Locks

  • Sensors

  • Voice assistants

And can improve customer experience through:

  • More control

  • More savings

  • More security

  • Better appliance management

  • And customizable service offerings

For solar installers, keeping up with the latest in home automation tech can seem like a daunting task, and it's yet another area of expertise the team may be missing. The key is to work with a platform that has it all integrated as one end-to-end solution. So if there was ever a way to maximize your customer lifetime value, this is it! Besides, who wouldn't want a home smart enough to manage its own energy?

Welcome to the Subscription Economy

The Antidote to Commoditization

With so many amazing ways for solar companies to improve the customer experience, there are still plenty out there who continue to play the role of hardware vendor and installer. Unfortunately, due to the success and the commoditization of solar panels, many of these companies get left behind. Selling solar and storage at a lower and lower price is not a long term strategy for success in this industry. Not when there is a way to offer customers service offerings they will value. 


In response to the constantly shifting tariff structures, solar customers are now in need of a more flexible way to adapt to market changes and control where their energy is being spent. Subscription-based energy services are providing solar customers with exactly what they need; The ability to add functionality and features when you want them. Homeowners love the subscription-based model because it enables them to maximize savings by being more strategic about where they spend their money.


But how can solar companies unlock the power of energy services?

  • Customize services based on customer needs and desired outcomes

  • Evolve service offerings as needs change

  • Demonstrate ongoing value and savings

  • Engage with customers consistently and effortlessly

  • Build a network of customers and generate residual revenue streams

  • Re-engage existing customers with new service offerings

  • Participate in future service offerings, upgrades and revenue streams

Today, solar companies are starting to realize that success in this industry is less about asset accumulation or how many one time sales you make, and more about building a growing network of customers and offering them services they will want to subscribe to as the market evolves.  By selecting the best fit technology for your business, customers will become a valuable network able to participate in the new energy economy, creating repeat business for years to come.

The Easiest Way to Stay Relevant in Today's Evolving Solar Market

An All-In-One Solution that's Almost too Good to be True

Fortunately, solar companies today have access to an ever-expanding arsenal of energy tech. But do these "solutions" make it easier for solar installers and homeowners, or does it just make everything more complicated?


Here at naak, we realize how overwhelming it can be to remain competitive and relevant in a market that is rapidly evolving. That's why we have dedicated years of time and resources to refining an All-In-One energy management and services platform for solar companies that see what the digitization of energy, the dot com moment for solar companies, will mean for them and their customers. 


Something to think about - 


“The digitalization of energy generation, management and distribution, eliminates traditional market frictions and allows new economic models to emerge.”

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