Is This the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Adam Boucher

CEO, naak

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The industry of solar energy has grown significantly in recent years, and countless homes and businesses  have already started taking advantage of this renewable source of energy. The use of fossil fuels and seems almost outdated as the world continues to progress toward electrification. This development has created thousands of new jobs, and a growing number  of solar energy companies.


Unfortunately, this rapid expansion has created several obstacles for current and new businesses within this industry. Due to solar’s dependence on incentives, price pressure from competition and ever shifting market drivers, solar companies struggle to survive and many have gone out of business. The success solar has had is now creating instability in the grid infrastructure and has disrupted the way utility companies manage their power plants.


With so much solar being exported into the grid during the day, the grid is being oversupplied and has created safety concerns, resulting in new requirements for solar energy systems being installed and new rate tariffs that gut the value of solar export. Selling solar the old way, based on how much energy was consumed last year, is becoming obsolete and those who refuse to change with the times are paying the price.

However, almost on cue, a revolution has already started to take place.
Referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Internet of Energy is already transforming the way companies sell solar. With new advances in technology like energy storage, machine learning, AI and Internet of Things (Home Automation), the time to transition your business is now. 

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With the emergence of digital energy, the successful solar companies of the future will be selling subscription based energy services. When selling a service, the focus needs to transition from price to User Experience. 
The companies leading this effort are “subscribing” to this model as it allows them to build a sustainable revenue stream over time with the added benefits of:

  • A loyal user based network
  • A continuous stream of predictable revenues
  • A more predictable sales pipeline

By leveraging technology and selling energy services rather than solar panels, your customers will become a valuable network able to participate in the new energy economy and generate repeat business for years to come. 

Keep Your Solar Business from Getting Left Behind

For the first time, changing incentives and rate tariffs should no longer be seen as threats but rather the sparks igniting an opportunity of a lifetime. The most troubling obstacles for solar companies in the past can now be avoided and even leveraged. Don't allow your company to get left behind. 


Instead, enable it to adapt and thrive under changing market conditions by equipping it with the tools to transition to a service based business model and lead the development of the new energy economy.

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